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When Should You Replace Your Door Springs?

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When Should You Replace Your Door Springs?

Should You Replace Your Door Springs? | Garage Door Repair Hastings, MN

All garage doors rely on a set of springs to keep them moving smoothly. However, these springs have a limited lifespan, and will probably require replacing at some point in the future. If they’re not replaced in time, they can break, causing major difficulties and even injury. It’s essential to know when to replace your springs - this quick guide will tell you everything you need to know in order to keep your home and family safe.

What Do My Springs Do?

First of all, let’s point out what the springs are there for. You’ll notice that your door has two different springs fitted - first, there’s a torsion spring. This is a long coil that winds around as the door opens, and helps the opener take the weight. Secondly, there’s an extension spring that opens out as the door closes. This helps prevent the door from slamming shut, since the opener will struggle to hold the door’s weight alone. The strain of bearing a 150lb+ door causes these springs to wear out over time, although they can still last for several thousand cycles.

How Long Do Springs Last?

A typical spring might last between 3,000 and 7,000 cycles, depending on how well it’s made and how regularly it’s maintained. Obviously the more you use your door, the faster these cycles will get used up, and the earlier your springs will probably wear out. If your garage door is in constant use, and your springs are 3 or more years old, you could already be seeing some signs of significant wear.

Signs To Watch For

As springs wear out they’ll struggle to support the weight of the door. This often leads to sagging or swaying when the door is in movement. You can test the springs, as well - just bring the door halfway open, and then disconnect it from the opener. If the springs are balanced then it should stay still - if it drops considerable, then the springs need to be looked at.

Working On Worn Springs

To a certain extent, some weakness in your door springs can be compensated for by adjusting the tension. However, once a spring reaches a certain point it must be replaced, and this job should only be handled by a trained professional. If your springs have failed, or you think they might need some assistance, schedule an appointment with Garage Door Repair Hastings today.


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