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Want to avoid accidents and serious garage door problems? How about checking these tips

  • Lubricate the roller wheels, not the tracks

    The rule of thumb is to lubricate all moving components and not the stationary ones. If you apply lubricant to the tracks, it may not adhere properly to the wheels. The trick is to cover the wheels well on all sides. You should not miss to apply lubricant to the roller stems as well. A product with a thin nozzle will help you get great results without much effort.

  • Know how to reset your Liftmaster

    If your garage door briefly closes and automatically opens, or if it stops closing even before hitting the ground, the door opener might need to be reset. Our specialists say that you just have to turn it off for 10 seconds then turn on again. Press down button until door is closed and hit the set button. Do the same in the up button.

  • Get the right horsepower

    When you choose a new garage door opener, you must decide on the power of the motor. This will be determined by the requirements of the existing garage door. You must decide depending on its weight but also your expectations for its speed. Horsepower ranges from ½ to 1.

  • Make sure all parts are replaced fine

    Garage door parts are installed in a particular way. They have secondary components, which ensure they are fastened well, but they are also interconnected with other parts. That's why their replacement is never easy and must be trusted to our technicians in Hastings.

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