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Garage Door Springs

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Garage Door Springs Garage doors have coiled springs installed either on the top of their opening or at their two sides. It would depend on the spring. The most common residential garage door springs are the extension springs and these ones comes in pairs of two and are installed at the sides of the door. The torsion spring usually arrives as one unless the door is very heavy and installed above the door. Torsion spring garage door systems wind and unwind in order to close and open the door. If they wind at the right hand side, they are installed at the left door side. If they wind at the left hand side, they are placed at the right door side. They have a metal shaft going through them and supportive bearings that spin on one side while they stay stationary at the other side. Extension springs work in a different way. They actually follow the movement of the door and stretch out when the door opens by using the power stored among their coils. If it weren't for the springs, the door wouldn't open.

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When you count on Garage Door Repair Hastings, spring issues belong to the past. As top masters in garage door repair services, we understand perfectly well that some parts require special attention, more frequent observations, inspections, and services. Garage door springs usually need regular adjustments since they lose energy every time they move the door. Occasionally, we release some of this tension in order to keep the door balanced. In any case, our efficient and friendly team does what's necessary for the proper operation of the springs and the whole mechanism, so you receive complete satisfaction.

Garage door technicians carefully replace broken spring replacement and fully excel in their adjustment, leaving extension springs in perfect working order, and confirming the right spring system has been chosen for your new door. We are the perfect choice for all spring needs and are here to serve you.

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